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High quality instruments to:

  • pyranometers-thaimonitor plant performance
  • optimize yield
  • calculate the performance ratio
  • prospect solar locations
  • make investment decisions
  • schedule maintenance
  • forecast energy output


KippZonen_Pyranometer_SMP10Our CMP and SMP pyranometers are deployed around the world by leading solar energy companies and established meteorological networks. The CMP11 is known as the industry’s standard pyranometer and now the smart SMP10 has followed its position thanks to its digital Modbus output signal that seamlessly integrates with solar SCADA systems.
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Solar monitoring systems

KippZonen_RaZON_Solar_Monitoring_SystemPyranometers will give you the global horizontal or tilted irradiance. But direct irradiance is a big part of this and particularly relevant to concentrating solar energy technology such as CSP (concentrating solar power). We offer a solution for every requirement and have the highest quality sun trackers and pyrheliometers available. When you are looking for a comprehensive solution the RaZON+ all-in-one solar monitoring system with integrated datalogger will be a perfect fit.


KippZonen_DustIQ_002_2018Soiling of PV is not just a problem in arid areas. We see the need for measurement of soiling coming from all kind of environments. It has a big impact on a plant’s yield and cannot be avoided. Good news, you can measure it accurately and alarm your cleaning team or robots to clean at the exact, and critical, moment.
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New: RT1 for rooftop PV

RT1_001_bKipp & Zonen has developed a new irradiance sensor especially for commercial rooftop PV installations. It measures both incoming solar radiation as well as the panel temperature and is easily mounted on the corned or side of a PV panel.

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Weather stations

8370_U01_WS600_white_02It is not just solar irradiance that is measured in a solar plant. Other environmental factors such as wind speed and temperature also influence the efficiency of solar energy. Lufft offers a range of compact weather stations just for these important parameters. 

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