And the winner is...

We thank you for all the applications and we are now in the process of contacting the winner. Which we will soon announce on this webpage.


Who can find the oldest, still operating, Kipp & Zonen pyranometer and win a trip to Amsterdam?

Do you work with, or know of, a vintage model of our pyranometers? Make a picture and submit it, with the location and your details, for our pyranometer hunt! Every entry that is working and at least 25 years old will be rewarded with a Kipp & Zonen goodie bag. The winner will also be invited to visit the Meteorological Technology World Expo in Amsterdam in 2017. Click here to read the rules of the competition.

Each pyranometer has a label. Very old ones give the manufacturing date, for later models the first two digits of the serial number are the year of production.

For example, our CEO Erik Valks came across this damp CM11 when he was in Colorado. It is still in operation and has been working properly for 32 years. The other picture shows a CM5 pyranometer bought more than 35 years ago in Sweden and now in Cameroon, measuring solar irradiance for a water disinfection project

KippZonen_1984pyranometer_NREL1.jpg KippZonen_32yearold_CM5_pyranometer_Cameroon1.jpg

It would be great if the picture reflects the environment of the location where the pyranometer is located. If there are more than one ‘oldest’ pyranometers from the same year the beauty of the picture will be the final decider.


Check the age of your pyranometer, make a picture showing the label, and attach it to your competition entry. Please also  share it on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram using #pyranometerhunt.

To be eligible for winning the trip to Amsterdam please submit the form on the right.

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